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Mona Oman

Mona Oman x Duzer’s Local Cafe @ 387 Van Duzer Street

Growing up I was blessed with a hyper awareness of my surroundings and felt things very deeply. I believe this has been and will always be my purpose. To receive cues, notions and needs. To seek an understanding of the nuances of every day life. To create something out of seemingly nothing. This excites me, challenges me and makes me feel alive. Life is so beautiful I just want to prism and interpret however I can.  I long to feel a sense of accomplishment, that I did my part the way I know how. That need to make and do and create is my gift I can offer to the world,  in whatever grand or trivial circumstance I find myself. Art is my medium, the vehicle in which I am able to give myself wholeheartedly and for this, I am grateful.