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Charlie Elo

Charlie Elo x El Pueblo Mejicano @ 238 E 116th Street

Charlie Elo, a New York native, raised between his birth city and the Dominican Republic, is a natural born artist. He is self-taught and has been actively showcasing his wide range of talents throughout most of his life. Having come of age in the Bronx, Hip Hop Culture deeply resonates with him and is evident in his earlier works. A love for the interactive and shared energy provided by the Live Art experience has led him to reach new plateaus in his artistic career.  He is one of the founding members and the Managing Director of Art Culture NYC,a collective of prolific Latino Artists primarily based in New York City, but dedicated to promoting and enhancing the artistic aesthetic both locally and internationally. Although Charlie primarily utilizes acrylic paint, he is not bound to any one medium and often likes to combine various styles in order to satiate his diverse creativity.The convergence of all of his distinct skills makes this artist’s work truly experiential.