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Kwue Molly

Kwue Molly x New Island Garden @ 823 Castleton Avenue

Kwue Molly grew up in Staten Island, New York City.  He picked up art at an early age and eventually took on all other elements of hip-hop. For the past two decades, he has been involved in numerous music and art projects, both commercial and underground.  Most notably working with Ghostface Killah on the Pretty Tony and  Fishscale/More Fishalbum; also participating in 2011 HOWL Festival in NYC, Art Basel in Miami in 2013, 1st Place in the Ink Monstr Sitcky Situation art event in NYC in 2013, and most recently painting live at the Governor’s Island  6th Annual Beach Party with Wu-Tang and the Lox performing. Kwue Molly has been instrumental in changing the face of multiple neighborhoods on Staten Island.