The 100 Gates Project began in 2014 with Billy Rohan, a New York City artist and professional skateboarder, and was brought to life with help from the Lower East Side Partnership (LESP), a not-for-profit economic development organization. The 100 Gates Project originated in the Lower East Side with an ambitious goal: to paint street art murals on 100 storefront security roll-down gates in the name of community enrichment and beautification.

LESP achieved that goal in 2016 in partnership with Tiger Beer with a mural at the Lower East Side’s iconic Katz’s Delicatessen. Since its inception, the project has expanded to other neighborhoods and boroughs with the completion of over 360 gates citywide. This would not have been possible without the use of creative partnerships such as the award of the 2015 Neighborhood Challenge Grant, which was a joint initiative between the NYC Department of Small Business Services and NYC Economic Development Corporation. In early 2017, the 100 Gates Project was awarded a grant from the Department of Small Business Service’s Neighborhood 360° program to help support a pilot expansion of this community development initiative—beginning with East Harlem and Downtown Staten Island. Midway through 2017, Councilmember Debi Rose of Staten Island also allocated additional discretionary funds to help expand the ever-growing project into new neighborhoods within her district. In late 2018, further partnerships and a new borough were tapped into with CaribBeing and the Flatbush Junction Business Improvement District in the Little Caribbean neighborhood of Brooklyn. These additional neighborhood initiatives were managed in by public art coordinator, Ayana Hosten.

Thanks to the support of our like-minded brand partnerships, we were able to accomplish our original goal of installing 100 new works of public art in New York City’s Lower East Side and over 200 gates throughout the City as a whole.

Now the project is again returning to its roots in the Lower East Side and is seeking to focus its resources on this neighborhood almost exclusively, and is carrying with it the recognition that there is still work to be done where the project began.


When the 100 Gates demonstration speeches Project began in 2014, it began in the Lower East Side.

We had an ambitious goal: to paint street art murals on 100 security roll-down gates in the name of community enrichment and beautification.

We hit that goal in 2016, when we hit the 100 mark with a mural at the Lower East Side’s iconic Katz’s Delicatessen.

We’ve spent 2017 expanding our footprint to other neighborhoods and boroughs, but expansion doesn’t mean forgetting about our roots. We’ll continue to connect artists with merchants in Lower East Side until there are no more roll-down gates left to paint.


The Neighborhood 360° Program was launched by the sample narrative essay Department of Small Business Services to identify, develop, and launch ChiefEssays.Net commercial revitalization projects in partnership with local stakeholders throughout the five boroughs. It supports initiatives such as
The 100 Gates Project, that improve quality of life and conditions for economic growth of New York City neighborhoods, through projects designed to bring communities together via merchant organizing, storefronttheessayclub comimprovement, supplemental services and commercial corridor marketing.


Natalie Raben

Natalie Raben is the Executive Vice President at the Lower East Side Partnership (LESP) and the Director of the 100 Gates Project, which lives underneath the umbrella of the LESP. She has spearheaded funding and the installation of a number of previous LES public art projects including 400’ banner installations and a major asphalt art mural. Since 2014, Natalie has raised over $250,000 to support free and accessible public art projects in New York City.

Ayana Hosten

Ayana Hosten is the Public Art Coordinator for the project's expansion into East Harlem/El Barrio and the North Shore neighborhoods of Staten Island. She brings her experience in arts education, program management and community engagement to the 100 Gates Team to connect local business owners and members of the creative community together.

Billy Rohan

Billy Rohan is a New York City artist and professional athlete who has spent over 20 years in the skateboarding and NYC Arts community. He lived in Geneva, Switzerland and London, England for several years where he filmed skateboarding and worked on projects involving the famous skateboard area at the London south bank art museum.


Great things can happen when like-minded people collaborate.
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