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Miriam Castillo

Miriam Castillo is a visual designer and illustrator based in New York and Valladolid in the Yucatan (Mexico). Her whimsical hand-drawn illustrations, explore the world through both fantasy and the proximity to Nature.  Finding a path in mixed media, Miriam is an artist that pushes the creative boundaries of her craft. She is an antiquarian, fascinated by mysticism, and draws inspiration from her journey as a yoga instructor.
Yoga has bestowed her with a new invigorating source of creativity. Yogis’ connection with Nature, gives them a deeper wisdom and understanding of their own bodies. As such, she spends much of her life observing the
natural world and exploring its intersection with the creation of art.
For the last decade, Miriam ventures in custom design, pattern making and graphic design to illustration and space intervention. Finding her passion in mixed media, she is an artist that pushes her craft forward in creative.