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Noah Xfir

Noah Xifr, a.k.a. BIRD, is an artist who creates bold art combining poetic graffiti and anthropomorphic creatures to encourage a sense of inner peace, spiritual perseverance and help build empowered communities. The Symbolic Realism art movement he founded and curates is a grouping of surreal, conceptual contemporary artists who share their beliefs and personal experiences across a variety of artwork using psychology, philosophy or poetry. His artwork is represented in galleries and art fairs, included in collections internationally, and he has fulfilled numerous commissions including murals, portrait paintings, illustrations and designs for individuals, corporations, and non-profits. Born in Spain, Noah grew up in The Bronx, New York, started sketching the city and from nature, made comic books and street art, and later earned a B.F.A. from the Cooper Union School of Art. Noah calls his studio residency at Chashama in Brooklyn, NY, his creative sanctuary, where he is currently drawing his next graphic novel for publication and painting murals for his deck of cards titled the Bird War Tarot.