The 100 Gates Project connects artists with merchants to create original murals on roll-down security gates—building open-air galleries across New York City that beautify communities and enhance local economies and quality of life while diminishing unwanted graffiti.

We build our galleries one at a time; mural by mural. Because we know that one is one of the most powerful numbers—if not the most powerful. We believe that growth occurs when you add one, and then another. That positive change happens in steps of one-by-one, and that the greatest improvements and advancements are made when people move forward together in pursuit of a passion or goal.

We know that one can stand significantly by itself, and that adding one more to something that already exists can make it even more powerful.

Community Partners

Community Partners are the Key to Success in Growing the 100 Gates Project

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of our passionate community partners. The success of our expansion has depended on the strength of these organizations and their ties to the surrounding merchant and creative communities. We have looked to our community partners and locally elected officials to help us navigate the ins and outs of unknown territories as we have explored into new neighborhoods.

Presenting Partners

Thanks to the support of our like-minded brand partnerships, we were able to accomplish our original goal of installing 100 new works of public art in New York City’s Lower East Side and over 200 gates throughout the City as a whole.


Interested in helping shape the public art conversation in New York’s Lower East Side or East Village? Get in touch! We’ll come up with a creative way to fuse our outlet with your goals.

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Great things can happen when like-minded people collaborate.
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